Handmade Humanity Ep. 10: Boy of Tears

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The hero turned traitor. The unflinching warrior broken by a mother’s tears. The lion turned lamb and sacrificed for the people. Although often overlooked, Coriolanus ought to be regarded as one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. T.S. Eliot thought so. Listen to the story of a noble man who refuses to compromise his integrity or play a part. He will not flatter the people or act in any way according to his nature. For this, he is scapegoated and exiled from Rome, only to die and become its savior once more. Shakespeare causes us to reflect on the nature of the state and the destruction of a republic. Join Austin Hoffman as he discusses this great work of the Bard on the latest episode of Handmade Humanity


Coriolanus, Pelican Shakespeare

Coriolanus, Oxford School Shakespeare

Coriolanus (2011) – Ralph Fiennes — Amazon, YouTube

Coriolanus (2013) – Donmar Warhouse, Tom Hiddleston — You should find on National Theatre at Home

Coriolanus (1984) – Alan Howard