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Ep 12: The Fault is in our Stars

There are four main schools of philosophy in the classical world: Platonism, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, and Epicureanism. The first two schools have had an outsized influence on the Christian tradition, and the last school is the culture of our modern age, but the Stoic school has also infiltrated our culture in a number of ways. Why…More

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Handmade Humanity Ep. 11: Rhetoric for Dummies

In this episode, Austin and Max discuss The Art of Rhetoric, Aristotle’s handbook on speaking. Rhetoric is something that everyone uses whether they know it or not. Some use it well and some use it poorly, but everybody uses rhetoric. Allow Aristotle’s teaching to help you use rhetoric both offensively and defensively as you deliberate…More

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Handmade Humanity Ep. 10: Boy of Tears

The hero turned traitor. The unflinching warrior broken by a mother’s tears. The lion turned lamb and sacrificed for the people. Although often overlooked, Coriolanus ought to be regarded as one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. T.S. Eliot thought so. Listen to the story of a noble man who refuses to compromise his integrity or play…More

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