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Ep 15: Law and Order

What does Moses have to do with America? While many are concerned about theocracy or theonomy, our culture is rejecting many of the judicial principles inherited from the Christian tradition. While we need not rigidly apply the Mosaic law to our contemporary society, it expresses many principles of justice which we lose to our peril.…More

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Ep 14: Education vs. Training

In this episode, Austin Hoffman explains the difference between education and training. Too often our modern educational establishment mistakes training for education depriving students of essential life knowledge and skills. Have you been educated or have you been trained?More

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Ep 13: It Killed the Ancient Romans…

“Latin is a language,As dead as dead can be.It killed the ancient Romans,and now it’s killing me.” Why study Latin? Why study a dead language? When we study Latin, we study the nature of language itself. Are words just names and labels that are slapped arbitrarily onto objects although their is no real connection? Rather,…More

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